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Combined effects of laser and fluoride on acid resistance of human dental enamel.

Specimens of human dental enamel were topically applied with solutions of sodium fluoride (NaF) or acidulated phosphate fluoride (APF) before and after laser irradiation. APF application after laser irradiation caused a remarkable increase in acid resistance of the enamel, while APF application before laser irradiation showed a lesser effect, similar to either APF treatment alone or laser irradiation alone. These results were consistent with observations made using a scanning electron microscope. APF application after laser irradiation produced a greater fluoride uptake in the enamel than APF application before laser irradiation, as shown by electron probe microanalyzer. NaF application caused lesser acid resistance and lesser fluoride uptake than APF application, even when the enamel was treated with laser irradiation.[1]


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