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Dental Enamel

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Disease relevance of Dental Enamel


High impact information on Dental Enamel

  • Dental-enamel hypoplasia and keratopathy were also frequent but were not attributable to hypoparathyroidism [3].
  • Amelogenins, a family of extracellular matrix proteins of the dental enamel, are transiently but abundantly expressed by ameloblasts during tooth development [4].
  • Phosphorus-31 solid state nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spin-spin relaxation studies were carried out on bovine bone and dental enamel crystals of different ages and the data were compared with those obtained from pure and carbonated hydroxyapatites [5].
  • Our results confirm that significantly increased numbers of dental enamel pits are found in persons with TS compared to controls [6].
  • Since type V collagen is not present in dental enamel but is an otherwise widely distributed collagen, and since only active MMP-20 has been observed in teeth, our data suggest that control of MMP-20 activity is primarily regulated by transcriptional means [7].

Biological context of Dental Enamel


Anatomical context of Dental Enamel


Associations of Dental Enamel with chemical compounds

  • Thus, a series of additional experiments will be necessary for more insight into the reaction mechanisms of fluoride on superficial dental enamel [17].
  • All of the findings were consistent with the hypothesis that CO2 laser irradiation converts dental enamel to hydroxyapatite (HAP) possessing site #2 character (Yamamoto et al., 1986) [18].
  • CO2 laser inhibitor of artificial caries-like lesion progression in dental enamel [19].
  • Incorporation of tetracyline into dental enamels was studied by exposing presoftened enamel slabs to tetracycline-containing mineralizing solutions [20].
  • It is suggested that a reduced calcium fluoride dissolution rate, in the presence of phosphate, can account for the relatively slow loss of calcium fluoride from dental enamel observed in recent clinical studies [21].

Gene context of Dental Enamel


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Dental Enamel


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