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General oral status in adults with rheumatoid arthritis.

The oral status of an adult population of 204 patients with rheumatoid arthritis ( RA) was compared with that of an age and sex-matched random sample of non-rheumatic subjects. The percentage of edentulous subjects, number of existing teeth in dentate subjects, prevalence, and quality of fixed and removable prostheses and prevalence of disorders of the stomatognathic system was recorded. The percentage of edentulousness among RA-patients was 17% and among non- RA subjects 19%. Number of remaining teeth was equal. 75% of removable partial and 62% of complete dentures among RA-patients were considered unsatisfactory compared to 25% and 56% respectively among non- RA subjects. Disorders related to the TMJ occurred much more frequently among RA-patients than among non- RA subjects. It is suggested that thorough stomatognathic examination and TMJ-prophylaxis be included in the overall care of RA-patients.[1]


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