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Sensitive radioimmunoassays for histamine and tele-methylhistamine in the brain.

Serum albumin conjugates of histamine or tele-methylhistamine, a major catabolite, were prepared using 1,4-benzoquinone as the coupling agent and used to raise polyclonal antibodies in rabbits. The same reagent was used to prepare the [125I]iodinated tracer and treat tissue extracts submitted to the radioimmunoassays. The IC50 values of prederivatized histamine and tele-methylhistamine in the radioimmunoassays were 0.3 nM and 0.5 nM, respectively, whereas nonderivatized histamine or tele-methylhistamine, histidine, a variety of histamine derivatives, amines, etc., had at least 1,000-fold higher IC50 values. Application of the radioimmunoassays to nonpurified extracts of rat brain allowed the quantification of the two amine immunoreactivities in samples corresponding to less than 1 mg of hypothalamus. The tissue immunoreactivity corresponded to authentic histamine or tele-methylhistamine, as shown by (a) the parallel 125I-tracer displacement curves, (b) the similar elution patterns from HPLC columns, (c) the regional levels of histamine and tele-methylhistamine in brain, similar to those obtained with other methods, and (d) the clearcut effects of treatments with inhibitors of L-histidine decarboxylase or monoamine oxidase. The two radioimmunoassays appear as simple and sensitive tools to evaluate steady-state levels and turnover rates of histamine and tele-methylhistamine.[1]


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