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Escherichia coli mutT mutator effect during in vitro DNA synthesis. Enhanced A.G replicational errors.

The mechanism of the Escherichia coli mutT mutator effect was investigated using single-stranded phage as a mutational target. In vivo experiments showed that two M13mp2 lacZ alpha nonsense mutants reverted at a higher rate on a mutT1 host than on the wild-type host. The specificity of this mutator effect was identical to that observed for E. coli genes: A.T----C.G transversions. The mutT effect was subsequently demonstrated in vitro during DNA replication of M13mp2 DNA in cell-free extracts of E. coli. Replication (the single-stranded----replicative form conversion) in mutT1 extracts proceeded with a higher error rate than in wild-type extracts, and DNA sequence analysis of the in vitro revertants revealed the specific induction of A.T----C.G transversions. On the basis of the template specificity of the mutT effect in vitro, we conclude that the mutT effect involves the aberrant processing of A.G rather than T.C mispairs.[1]


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