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[3H][D-Ser2(O-tert-butyl),Leu5]enkephalyl-Thr6 and [D-Ser2(O-tert-butyl),Leu5]enkephalyl-Thr6(O-tert-butyl). Two new enkephalin analogs with both a good selectivity and a high affinity toward delta-opioid binding sites.

Insertion of bulky tertiobutyl groups into the sequence of [D-Ser2,Leu5]enkephalyl-Thr6 leads to a conformationally induced large increase in selectivity toward rat brain delta-opioid binding sites, as shown by the ratio of apparent affinities for mu and delta receptors of [D-Ser2(O-tert-butyl),Leu5]enkephalyl-Thr6,KI(mu)/KI(delta) = 130, and [D-Ser2(O-tert-butyl),Leu5]enkephalyl-Thr6 (O-tert-butyl),KI(mu)/KI(delta) = 280. In addition to a selectivity similar to that of the cyclic compounds [D-Pen2, D-Pen5]enkephalin and [D-Pen2,L-Pen5]enkephalin, the affinity of [3H][D-Ser2(O-tert-butyl),Leu5]enkephalyl-Thr6 for the delta sites of rat brain membranes is significantly better (KD = 2.2 nM) than that of [3H][D-Pen2,D-Pen5]enkephalin (KD approximately 8.5 nM). Therefore, [3H][D-Ser2(O-tert-butyl),Leu5]enkephalyl-Thr6 seems to be the most appropriate delta-probe currently available for binding studies. Moreover, the lipophilic and protected peptide [D-Ser2(O-tert-butyl),Leu5]enkephalyl-Thr6(O-tert-butyl) behaves as the most specific ligand for the delta-opioid binding sites and appears appropriate for in vivo investigations. The inactive analogue [D-Thr2(O-tert-butyl),Leu5]enkephalyl-Thr6 might serve as a negative control in biochemical or pharmacological studies.[1]


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