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Composite effects of actinonin when inhibiting enkephalin-degrading enzymes.

Actinonin which has been found to be an inhibitor of aminopeptidase M (EC also inhibited enkephalinase A (EC and enkephalin aminopeptidase which were partially purified from the corpus striatum membrane of guinea-pig brain. The IC50 values were 5.6 microM for enkephalinase A and 0.39 microM for enkephalin aminopeptidase. Actinonin also inhibited with an IC50 value of 1.1 microM dipeptidyl aminopeptidase tested on whole brain homogenate of rats in the presence of thiorphan and bestatin. Analgesia was assessed by measuring the tail-flick latency of mice. The analgesic effect of [Met5]enkephalin injected intracisternally (i.cist., 50 micrograms) was potentiated by an intraperitoneal (i.p., 100 and 300 mg/kg) as well as an i.cist. (25 micrograms) injection of actinonin. Actinonin was found to inhibit all three enzymes of enkephalin metabolism and, when given peripherally, to potentiate enkephalin analgesia.[1]


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