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Gene Review

Mme  -  membrane metallo endopeptidase

Mus musculus

Synonyms: 6030454K05Rik, Atriopeptidase, C85356, CALLA, CD10, ...
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Disease relevance of Mme


Psychiatry related information on Mme


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Chemical compound and disease context of Mme


Biological context of Mme

  • Because we have previously shown that intestinal inflammation results in down-regulation of NEP and diminished degradation of SP, our present results suggest that defects in NEP expression contribute to uncontrolled inflammation [1].
  • In NEP knockout mice, the SP concentration in the colon was approximately 2.5-fold higher than in wild-type mice, suggesting increased bioavailability of SP [1].
  • The use of NEP antagonists as candidate drugs in cardiovascular disease is suggested by the blood pressure data reported herein [11].
  • Neprilysin-sensitive synapse-associated amyloid-beta peptide oligomers impair neuronal plasticity and cognitive function [17].
  • Finally, we show that NCT expression peaked 24 h after NCT cDNA transfection of wild-type and NCT-/- fibroblasts, while neprilysin expression drastically increased only after 36 h and was maximal at 48 h [18].

Anatomical context of Mme


Associations of Mme with chemical compounds


Enzymatic interactions of Mme

  • D. melanogaster NEP2 also differs from human NEP in the manner in which the peptidase cleaves the tachykinin, GPSGFYGVR-amide [23].

Regulatory relationships of Mme


Other interactions of Mme

  • However, the mRNAs of PPT-B, PPT-C and NEP appeared in blastocyst-stage embryos [26].
  • We have investigated the use of NEP as a potential therapeutic agent to prevent the accumulation of Abeta peptides in the brain [4].
  • Conversely, genetic deletion of NEP significantly worsened survival (0% vs 90% at 120 hours, P <.001) and exacerbated pancreatic MPO and pancreatitis-associated lung injury [27].
  • We determined whether genetic deletion of the NK1-R reduces mortality and, conversely, whether genetic deletion of NEP increases mortality in a lethal model of hemorrhagic pancreatitis [27].
  • Here, we examined the influence of endogenous nicastrin (NCT), a member of the gamma-secretase complex, on neprilysin physiology [18].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Mme


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