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Timing of strict diet in relation to fetal damage in maternal phenylketonuria. An international collaborative study by the MRC/DHSS Phenylketonuria Register.

64 infants born to women with phenylketonuria (PKU) were grouped according to the mother's dietary treatment in pregnancy. 17 infants, whose mothers were receiving a strict low phenylalanine diet and had blood phenylalanine concentrations below 600 mumol/l at the time of conception, had normal birthweights and head circumferences and no malformations. In the 29 infants whose mothers were receiving either a relaxed diet or a normal diet at conception but who started a strict diet at some time during pregnancy, birthweights and head circumferences were below those in healthy infants and there was an excess of malformations; the findings closely resembled those for the 18 infants whose mothers received no treatment during pregnancy. The birthweights and head circumferences of the 64 infants were inversely related to the maternal phenylalanine concentrations around the time of conception. Only a strict diet started before conception is likely to prevent fetal damage.[1]


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