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Aminoglutethimide and medroxyprogesterone acetate in the treatment of patients with advanced breast cancer. A phase II study of the Association of Medical Oncology of the German Cancer Society (AIO).

One hundred twenty-eight women with advanced metastatic breast cancer were treated with a combination of aminoglutethimide (AG) (1000 mg orally, daily) and medroxyprogesterone acetate (MPA) (1500 mg orally, daily for six weeks and thereafter 500 mg orally, daily; omitting cortisone substitution). AG/MPA did not lead to side effects other than those described under AG or MPA monotherapy. Mental and personality changes seem to be more severe and frequent under combined therapy than under monotherapy. Impairment of mental functions, depressive syndromes, fatigue, ataxia, skin rash, and transient increase of gammaglutamyl transferase appeared and disappeared within the first 4 to 6 weeks of treatment. Objective remissions of at least 3 months duration from initiation of therapy were seen in 21 of 128 patients (21.9%) (3.9% complete remission [CR], 18% partial remission [PR]). A no change (NC) status occurred in an additional 25.8%. The remission duration (mean and range) was 19 (10.5-54) for CR, 16.5 (4.5-52+) for PR and 6 (3-27) months for NC patients. The highest response rate was registered for patients with only bone involvement (PR, 11; and NC, 11 of 26 patients). There was a distinct correlation of response to prior systemic treatment, receptor status of the primary tumor, disease-free interval, menopausal status, age and condition of the patient. PR was obtained in 4 of 20 patients with receptor-negative primary tumors. These results justify a prospective trial comparing AG/MPA with other forms of endocrine therapy in selected patient subgroups.[1]


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