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Periodate oxidation products of hydroxylysine in the synthesis of 5-substituted prolines.

The amino acid hydroxylysine was subjected to oxidation by sodium metaperiodate under various conditions. It was found that in acid and high temperature, the initial oxidation product alpha-aminoglutaric gamma-semialdehyde was converted to glutamic acid with a yield of 60%. The use of alkaline conditions of oxidation favored the cyclization of alpha-aminoglutaric gamma-semialdehyde to form delta 1-pyrroline 5-carboxylic acid. Addition of NaCN to this intermediate generated new proline analogs, likely a mixture of cis- and trans-5-cyanoprolines, with a yield of 30%. Upon hydrolysis, the 5-cyanoprolines were converted to a probable mixture of cis- and trans-5-carboxyprolines. Infrared and high-resolution mass spectral data of the analogs and visual absorption spectra of the ninhydrin products were obtained to confirm the structures.[1]


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