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Complete nucleotide sequence of macrolide-lincosamide-streptogramin B-resistance transposon Tn917 in Streptococcus faecalis.

Streptococcus faecalis transposon Tn917 was cloned in Escherichia coli on plasmid vector pBR325. The erythromycin resistance determinant of Tn917 was not expressed in the E. coli background. The nucleotide sequence of Tn917 was determined and found to be 5,257 base pairs in length. Six open reading frames (ORFs) were identified and designated 1 through 6 (5' to 3'); all were on the same DNA strand. A region exhibiting strong homology with known promoters was identified upstream from ORF1. ORFs 1 to 3 were virtually identical to the previously sequenced erythromycin resistance determinant on Streptococcus sanguis plasmid pAM77. At the 3' point, where the homology between Tn917 and pAM77 ends, was a 20-base-pair region about 80% homologous with a component of the res site of Tn3. The amino acid sequence of ORF4 showed homology with other site-specific recombination enzymes, including approximately 30% homology with the resolvase of Tn3. Contained within Tn917 was a directly oriented 73-base-pair duplication of the left terminus. The Tn917 sequence revealed that antibiotic-enhanced transposition might be due to extension of transcription from the resistance-related genes (in ORFs 1 to 3) into transposition genes (in ORFs 4 to 6). Transcription analyses resulted in data consistent with this interpretation.[1]


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