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Chemical Compound Review

Tiloryth     (3R,4S,5R,6R,7R,9R,11R,12R,13S ,14R)-6-[(2R...

Synonyms: Acneryne, AustriaS, Eryacnen, Erycinum, Eryhexal, ...
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  • The macrolide antibiotic erythromycin also interacted with the cloned motilin receptor, providing a molecular basis for its effects on the human GI tract [22].
  • The polypeptide tunnel system in the ribosome and its gating in erythromycin resistance mutants of L4 and L22 [23].
  • Erythromycin, a potent inhibitor of bacterial protein synthesis, at a concentration that completely inhibits L. pneumophila intracellular multiplication, had no influence on fusion of L. pneumophila phagosomes with secondary lysosomes [24].
  • Erythromycin, at concentrations that completely inhibit the intracellular multiplication of L. pneumophila, has no effect on vacuole formation [25].
  • The rate of demethylation of this substrate, measured simply as 14CO2 in the breath, correlated well with the concentrations of immunoreactive P-450p protein (r = 0.70), holocytochrome P-450p (r = 0.70), or with erythromycin N-demethylase activity (r = 0.90) determined in the liver microsomes prepared from each rat [26].

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