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An ethological analysis of the effects of tifluadom on social encounters in male albino mice.

The effects of treatment with saline, 0.5 or 1.0 mg/kg of tifluadom were assessed 30 min after injection on the behaviors shown by isolated Alderly Park strain mice in their home cages in the presence of an anosmic 'standard opponent' mouse. Tests involved videotaping encounters and examining the incidences of 45 behavioral elements and their sequences (by producing 'dendrograms'). The kappa agonist appeared to stimulate olfactory exploration of the substrate at the expense of other forms of non-social exploration; it suppressed olfactory investigation of the 'standard opponent'; reduced some aggressive elements and increased immobility (at reportedly non-sedative doses) and fearful activity. The 'dendrograms' revealed that tifluadom greatly altered the relationships between some elements. The higher dose of the kappa agonist resulted in self-grooming and digging (displacement?) being associated with the agonistic items suggesting that these animals evidenced increased timidity in social encounters.[1]


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