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Cardiopulmonary effect of halothane concentration during pulmonary air embolism in dogs.

The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of different halothane concentrations on the hemodynamic consequences of pulmonary air embolism in dogs. The animals were studied in two groups. Group A (N = 11) at a halothane concentration of 0.5%, and Group B (N = 8) at a halothane concentration of 1.5%. Air was injected into a central vein in a bolus of 0.5 ml/kg, 1 ml/kg, and 2 ml/kg. With the lower halothane concentration, sudden loading to the right heart and pulmonary artery occurred with air embolism. Recovery in this group was faster in comparison to the higher concentration of halothane. Survival was not effected with air embolism to 2 ml/kg.[1]


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