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Pulmonary Artery

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  • Both approaches indicated a more than twofold reduction in lung water accumulation in AQP1 (-/-) vs. (+/+) mice in response to a 5- to 10-cm H2O increase in pulmonary artery pressure for five minutes [32].
  • Moreover, RP 67580 displayed the profile of a specific antagonist of NK1 receptors: it was not active on NK2 and NK3 receptors as seen in binding assays and in isolated preparations of rabbit pulmonary artery and rat portal vein [33].
  • Using degenerate oligonucleotides and reverse transcriptase-polymerase chain reaction, we have screened bovine microvascular endothelial (BME), aortic, lymphatic, pulmonary artery, and transformed fetal aortic endothelial cells, as well as rat smooth muscle cells for Ang1 and Ang2 expression [34].
  • CBDL pulmonary artery segments had markedly increased ET(B) receptor mediated, nitric oxide dependent vasodilatory responses to ET-1 compared with controls and ET-1 triggered an ET(B) receptor dependent stimulation of eNOS in RPMVECs [35].
  • We also show that Tbx1 expression is required in cells expressing Nkx2.5 for the formation of the aorto-pulmonary septum, which divides the aorta from the main pulmonary artery [36].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Pulmonary Artery


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