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Difference in phospholipid dependence between two isozymes of brain (Na+ + K+)-ATPase.

The effect of phospholipase C on two isozymes (alpha (+) and alpha forms) of rat brain (Na+ + K+)-ATPase and the temperature-dependence of their activities were investigated. Phospholipase C from Clostridium welchii inhibited the activities of the enzymes treated with and without pyrithiamin or N-ethylmaleimide, a preferential inhibitor of the alpha (+) form, but the extent of the inhibition was higher in the control enzyme than in the treated enzymes. The treatment of the (Na+ + K+)-ATPase with phospholipase C altered a ratio between high- and low-affinity components for ouabain inhibition. It also caused the similar change in a ratio between the alpha (+) and alpha forms of Na+-stimulated phosphorylation from [gamma-32P]ATP. These findings indicate that the alpha (+) form of rat brain (Na+ + K+)-ATPase is more sensitive to phospholipase C than the alpha form. Analysis of Arrhenius plots of the activities of the control and pyrithiamin-treated enzymes showed that there was a difference between the two enzymes in a break point. We suggest that two isozymes of rat brain (Na+ + K+)-ATPase differ in the interaction with phospholipids or in the lipid-environment.[1]


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