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Comparative chromatography of lectins and bioactivity recovery of the immunologic hormone leukoregulin on derivatized silica and on cross-linked agarose molecular sizing high-performance liquid chromatographic matrices.

This investigation compares the performance of the new zirconia stabilized silica and cross-linked agarose size-exclusion matrices to Spherogel-TSK 3000 SWG silica in high-performance liquid chromatographic separation of proteins possessing a range of molecular weights present in many lymphokine preparations and in recovery of bioactivity as measured by leukoregulin proliferation inhibitory activity. Retention time versus log molecular weight of protein standards was linear from 12,500 to 290,000 on the agarose and from 32,000 to 290,000 on the other columns. Recovery of leukoregulin proliferation inhibitory activity directed against RPMI 2650 epidermoid carcinoma cells was 90% from the silica, 88% from the agarose and 35% from the zirconia stabilized silica columns.[1]


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