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Isolation of a yeast gene involved in species-specific pre-tRNA processing.

To identify genes involved in pre-tRNA processing, we searched for yeast DNA sequences that specifically enhanced the expression of the SUP4(G37) gene. The SUP4(G37) gene possesses a point mutation at position 37 of suppressor tRNA(Tyr). This lesion results in a reduced rate of pre-tRNA splicing and a decreased level of nonsense suppression. A SUP4(G37) strain was transformed with a yeast genomic library, and the transformants were screened for increased suppressor activity. One transformant contained a plasmid that encoded an unessential gene, STP1, that in multiple copies enhanced the suppression of SUP4(G37) and caused increased production of mature SUP4(G37) product. Disruption of the genomic copy of STP1 resulted in a reduced efficiency of SUP4-mediated suppression and the accumulation of pre-tRNAs. Not all intron-containing pre-tRNAs were affected by the stp1-disruption. At least five of the nine families of pre-tRNAs were affected. Two other species, pre-tRNA(Ile) and pre-tRNA(3Leu), were not. We propose that STP1 encodes a tRNA species-specific product that functions as a helper for pre-tRNA splicing. The STP1 product may interact with pre-tRNAs to generate a structure that is efficiently recognized by splicing machinery.[1]


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