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Detection of humoral immune response to Gnathostoma spinigerum in mice.

The humoral immune response to early third stage larvae (EL3) and advanced third stage larvae (AL3) of Gnathostoma spinigerum infection was studied in mice by Ouchterlony gel diffusion technique. The antibodies was detected at week 3 in mice infected with EL3 and remained up to week 10 after infection. Highest positive sample of sera were demonstrated at week 4 to week 7. Similar results were obtained from AL3 infected sera except the antibodies was found and disappeared earlier (week 2 to week 6). G. spinigerum larvae recovery from mice in both groups showed that the number of advanced third stage larvae located in muscle correlated to the peak of positive sera. No cross reaction was observed on positive sera of G. spinigerum and antigens of A. cantonensis, P. siamensis, T. spiralis, O. viverrini and A. ceylanicum. Cross reaction was shown on the G. spinigerum antigen against rat sera with angiostrongyliasis and bandicoot sera with paragonimiasis.[1]


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