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Multiple neuroendocrinological responses in borderline personality disorder patients.

Male patients suffering from borderline personality disorder (n = 13), major depression (n = 13) or schizophrenia (n = 13) were investigated on several psychopathological (HDRS, BPRS) and neuroendocrinological ( DST and TSH, PRL, GH responses to TRH) parameters. Comparisons were made between the borderline group and the other groups of patients. Borderline patients differed from schizophrenics psychopathologically (BPRS) and neuroendocrinologically ( DST). Also, borderline patients differed from major depressives in the HDRS, but behaved like them concerning DST. Our findings support the hypothesis that there are neuroendocrinological similarities between borderline personality disorder and major depressive patients, especially on the hypothalamo-pituitary-adrenal axis.[1]


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