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Differential response of primary cultures of human and rat hepatocytes to aflatoxin B1-induced cytotoxicity and protection by the hepatoprotective agent (+)-cyanidanol-3.

The acute hepatotoxicity induced by aflatoxin B1 (AFB1) and the potential protective effect of (+)-cyanidanol-3 (Catergen) were evaluated in both human and rat hepatocytes in primary cultures. AFB1-induced acute toxicity was visualized by light microscope observation and quantified by measurement of lactic dehydrogenase activity in the medium. Human hepatocytes were susceptible to AFB1-induced cytotoxicity but no evident relationship between the concentration of mycotoxin and the extent of cellular damage was established. (+)-Cyanidanol-3 was not toxic at concentrations up to 2 x 10(-3)M, but no obvious protective effect from AFB1-induced injury was evidenced in human cells. By contrast, rat hepatocytes responded in a dose-related manner to AFB1. (+)-Cyanidanol was toxic at 10(-3)M, but even at this concentration exerted a strong protective effect against AFB1-induced cytotoxicity. Such species differences suggest the existence of metabolic differences in both AFB1 and (+)-cyanidanol-3 activating and deactivating mechanisms.[1]


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