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AMP deaminase reaction as a control system of glycolysis in yeast. Role of ammonium ion in the interaction of phosphofructokinase and pyruvate kinase activity with the adenylate energy charge.

The role of ammonium ion and AMP deaminase (EC reaction in the activation of phosphofructokinase (EC and pyruvate kinase (EC by the decrease in the adenylate energy charge was investigated using permeabilized yeast cells. Response of AMP deaminase, phosphofructokinase, and pyruvate kinase to variation in the energy charge is typical of the ATP-regenerating enzymes: an activation with the decrease in the energy charge under the in situ conditions. The addition of polyamine activated AMP deaminase in situ, resulting in the subsequent increase in ammonium production, which can stimulate the phosphofructokinase activity with the increase in the optimal energy charge value giving maximal activity of the enzyme. The optimal energy charge value of phosphofructokinase was 0.2-0.25 in the absence of ammonium ion and was shifted to the value above 0.5 by the addition of ammonium ion, whereas Pi, an activator of the enzyme showed little effect on the increase in the optimal energy charge value. The optimal energy charge value of AMP deaminase and pyruvate kinase was not affected by the addition of their effectors. Modulation of the response to the energy charge of phosphofructokinase and pyruvate kinase was analyzed in terms of the "activation coefficient," which was defined as the ratio of the activity at the energy charge of 0.6 to that at the value of 0. 9. Activation of phosphofructokinase by the physiological decrease in the energy charge (0.9 to 0.6) can be enhanced by the increase in ammonium ion specifically, although the coefficient of pyruvate kinase remained unaffected by ammonium ion. These results suggest that the AMP deaminase reaction as an ammonium-forming reaction can participate in a key role in the stimulation of phosphofructokinase or glycolytic flux in cells.[1]


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