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Cognitive profiles of boys with the fragile X syndrome.

Testing 20 boys with the fragile X (or Martin-Bell) syndrome with the Kaufman Assessment Battery for Children (K-ABC) showed a consistent pattern of strengths and weaknesses that may be useful in predicting a fragile X positive result from cytogenetic testing. This K-ABC pattern included 1) Sequential Scale score less than the Simultaneous Scale score; 2) Mental Processing Composite less than the Achievement Scale score; 3) Spatial Memory subtest score less than the Matrix Analogies subtest score; and 4) Arithmetic subtest score less than the mean of the Achievement subtest scores. A comparison group of 20 boys did not demonstrate such a pattern. Testing with the K-ABC should be considered for boys who present as learning disabled, hyperactive with attentional problems, or mildly retarded. Boys with three or four of the four features of the K-ABC fragile X pattern should be considered for medical evaluation and cytogenetic testing.[1]


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