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Acute leukemia. Learning disabilities following CNS irradiation.

Thirteen elementary school age children with acute leukemia who had received cranial irradiation with dosages between 1,800 and 4,800 rads a mean of 6.3 years earlier were evaluated for the presence of learning disorders. The authors utilized both psychometric and educational tests. The results were analyzed according to a graduated regressed standard score procedure and yielded the following diagnoses: mental retardation, two (15%); learning disability in reading and mathematics, two (15%); learning disability in mathematics, five (39%); no psychoeducational diagnosis, four (31%). Of the nine children (69%) who qualified for a specific psychoeducational diagnosis, only three were receiving any special educational services. The failure of a previous assessment of this same group of children at our center and of other research reports to uncover a similarly high incidence of neurodevelopmental pathology may be due to the specific tests employed or to the later onset of measurable difficulties in these patients.[1]


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