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Inhibition of voltage-gated K channels in synaptosomes by sn-1,2-dioctanoylglycerol, an activator of protein kinase C.

Tracer efflux studies were used to determine the effect of activation of protein kinase C on K channel function in rat brain synaptosomes. Hippocampal synaptosomes were treated with sn-1,2-dioctanoylglycerol (diC8), a synthetic diacylglycerol (DG) analog that activates protein kinase C. DiC8 inhibited depolarization-induced 86Rb efflux through voltage-gated K channels but did not affect the component of efflux corresponding to Ca-activated K channels. In time-course experiments, diC8 inhibited two components of 86Rb efflux: efflux through a rapidly inactivating, voltage-gated K channel (responsible for the "A" current) and that through a slowly inactivating, voltage-gated K channel (believed to be the "delayed rectifier"). Experiments with specific blockers of these voltage-gated K channels supported this observation. Inhibition of K-stimulated 86Rb efflux by diC8 was time dependent: at least 15 sec of preincubation was required before the effect could be observed. The effect of diC8 was concentration dependent: 50 microM diC8 produced a half-maximal inhibition of K-stimulated 86Rb efflux. The idea that the inhibition of synaptosome K channels by diC8 resulted from activation of C kinase was supported by pharmacological evidence. The action of diC8 was mimicked by 1-oleoyl-2-acetylglycerol, another DG analog that activates protein kinase C, but not by deoxy-diC8, a DG analog that does not activate C kinase. Inhibition of C kinase by sphingosine or H-7 prevented the diC8 effect. These studies demonstrate that synaptosomes are a good model in which to study modulation of mammalian CNS K channels.(ABSTRACT TRUNCATED AT 250 WORDS)[1]


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