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The CD4 and CD8 T cell surface antigens are associated with the internal membrane tyrosine-protein kinase p56lck.

The CD4 and CD8 T cell antigens are thought to transduce an independent signal during the process of T cell activation. We report our evaluation of the possible involvement of the lymphocyte-specific tyrosine kinase p56lck in these transduction pathways. Our data demonstrate that p56lck is specifically modulated with either CD4 or CD8 following antibody-mediated cross-linking of these molecules and that a large fraction of the total cellular lck protein can be coimmunoprecipitated with these surface glycoproteins. These results suggest that p56lck is functionally and physically associated with CD4/CD8 in normal murine T lymphocytes and support the concept that an independent signal is transduced by the interaction of these surface molecules with major histocompatibility complex determinants.[1]


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