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Effect of bromocriptine on affect and libido in hyperprolactinemia.

Six women with primary hyperprolactinemia (mean prolactin level, 50 ng/ml) were matched with six normal women on eight factors influencing life style. Observers blind to endocrine status followed the subjects weekly for 10 weeks. Patients took bromocriptine, 2.5 mg twice daily, or placebo in a randomized double-blind sequence with crossover at 5 weeks. The mean Hamilton score for the patients was compatible with mild depression and higher than that for normal subjects during placebo but not during bromocriptine treatment. Libido was similar in both groups during placebo and bromocriptine. The mean number of orgasms reported per day was lower in patients than in normal subjects during both treatment conditions, although one patient reported orgasms during drug treatment only. Hyperprolactinemia in women may be associated with mild depression and a decrease in orgasmic frequency.[1]


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