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The CDC8 transcript is cell cycle regulated in yeast and is expressed coordinately with CDC9 and CDC21 at a point preceding histone transcription.

Using cultures synchronized by elutriator size selection or a feed-starve protocol, we have shown that the CDC8 gene is periodically expressed in the Saccharomyces cerevisiae cell cycle. The transcript level increases some 30-fold in late G1, reaching a peak at approximately the G1/S phase boundary. The timing of this event was compared with those of CDC9 and CDC21, which are already known to be periodically transcribed, and all three genes were found to be expressed at the same time in the cell cycle. In contrast, the histone H2A gene appeared to be expressed distinctly later in the cell cycle than these three genes and this was further investigated by examining expression of all four genes in a cdc4 mutant, held at the restrictive temperature. CDC8, CDC9, and CDC21 were once again expressed together and a complete fluctuation in levels occurred, whereas the histone gene was not expressed, presumably because the cdc4 block point precedes the point of histone expression. The three CDC genes may therefore be coordinately controlled, while the histone gene is regulated separately.[1]


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