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Gastrointestinal blood loss after diflunisal and after aspirin: effect of ethanol.

Fecal blood loss was evaluated in normal subjects with 51Cr-labeled red cells. In a double-blind parallel study in 10 subjects, 250 mg diflunisal twice daily did not significantly increase blood loss in two consecutive treatment periods, while 750 mg acetylsalicylic acid (ASA) 4 times daily did so. In a double-blind crossover study in 2 subjects, diflunisal, 250 mg twice daily again did not significantly affect fecal blood loss during a 4-day treatment period, and there also was no significant effth diflunisal during two additional treatment days. ASA, 600 mg 4 times daily, induced an increase in blood loss and this effect was significantly enhanced by the addition of alcohol. The difference between treatments in the way they interact with alcohol was also statistically significant.[1]


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