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Relationships among selected measures of single-channel cochlear implant performance.

Relationships among a number of pre- and postimplant variables measured in 20 adults implanted with a single-channel cochlear implant were examined through a variety of univariate and multivariate statistical techniques. A large number of variables were analyzed to yield information on the relationships between pre- and postimplant performance, and among a variety of postimplant measures. Variables included: age; etiology and nature of deafness; type of implant worn; pre- and postimplant warble tone and speech detection thresholds; postimplant performance on the Monosyllable-Trochee-Spondee (MTS) and Environmental Sounds tests; postimplant electrical thresholds, uncomfortable loudness levels, and dynamic range; I.Q. scores; and postimplant discourse tracking performance with and without the implant. The difference score on the discourse tracking task, representing the auditory advantage over performance with lipreading alone, related substantively to a combination of variables including type of unit worn (Sigma versus Alpha), nature of deafness (progressive versus sudden), and etiology (meningitis versus nonmeningitis). Additionally, MTS and Environmental Sounds test scores were found to relate to one another and to etiology and nature of deafness.[1]


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