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Demonstration of insulin-like growth factor I in human urine.

Immunoreactive and receptor-reactive insulin-like growth factor I (IGF-I) was demonstrated in human urine. Thirty percent of the IGF-I immunoreactivity in urine was free, and the remainder was a high mol wt form (approximately 43K). Urinary IGF-I was quantitated by RIA after extraction with octadecylsilyl silica cartridges (Sep-Pak C18 cartridge), a method that measures only free IGF-I. The mean urinary immunoreactive IGF-I levels in normal adults (n = 8) and patients with acromegaly (n = 10) or hypopituitarism (n = 9) were 72 +/- 7 (+/- SEM), 225 +/- 34, and 19 +/- 4 pg/mg creatinine, respectively; these mean values were significantly different from one another. The results indicate that IGF-I is present in human urine and that the quantity in urine is altered in patients with GH excess and deficiency.[1]


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