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Chlordiazepoxide, an anxiolytic benzodiazepine, impairs place navigation in rats.

There are separate proposals that the hippocampus is involved in 'spatial memory' and in the control of 'anxiety'. Despite a larger number of common effects of anxiolytic drugs and hippocampal lesions, no effect of anxiolytic drugs has yet been reported in those spatial tasks which are particularly sensitive to the effects of hippocampal lesions. The present study addresses this issue. Separate groups of rats were treated, i.p., with 5 mg/kg chlordiazepoxide (an anxiolytic benzodiazepine), 1 mg/kg scopolamine (a muscarinic antagonist which has previously been shown to impair spatial learning) and a saline placebo. They were then trained to find a platform which was hidden in a constant location just under the surface of opaque water in a swimming pool. Separate groups of rats were trained with 4 trials per day and with 1 trial per day. Number of trials per day did not significantly influence the effects of the drugs. Chlordiazepoxide and scopolamine produced similar degrees of impairment in spatial learning to each other--but less impairment than has previously been reported with hippocampal lesions. The effectiveness of the anxiolytic drug chlordiazepoxide in the swimming pool, a specifically spatial task, suggests that the opposing concepts of 'spatial memory' and 'anxiety' which have been used previously to describe hippocampal function may represent different aspects of a unitary concept.[1]


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