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Benzohydroxamic acid induces polyspermic fertilization in the sea urchin Arbacia punctulata.

Benzohydroxamic acid (BHA) is a competitive inhibitor of the sea urchin sperm peroxidase. We now report that addition of BHA to fertilization cultures of Arbacia punctulata promotes polyspermy. This effect is dose and sperm density dependent. The cortical reaction (elevation of the fertilization envelope) is not retarded by BHA. BHA must be added to the cultures before the eggs complete the cortical reaction at 60 sec post insemination in order to induce polyspermy. Since sea urchin eggs release H2O2 during the cortical reaction at fertilization, these findings support our hypothesis that the sperm peroxidase has a functional role in helping to prevent polyspermy.[1]


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