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Simultaneous phenotyping of pig plasma alpha-protease inhibitors (PI1, PO1A, PO1B, PI2) and four other proteins (PO2, TF, CP, HPX) by a simple method of 2D horizontal electrophoresis.

A simple and rapid method of 2D agarose gel (pH 5.4)-horizontal polyacrylamide gel (pH 9.0) electrophoresis was developed for the simultaneous phenotyping of pig plasma alpha-protease inhibitors (protease inhibitor-1 and -2; postalbumin-1A and -1B), postalbumin-2, transferrin, ceruloplasmin and haemopexin. These eight plasma proteins were clearly visible on gels stained with Coomassie Brilliant Blue G250. The 2D patterns and mobilities of several variants of alpha-protease inhibitors were described. By using two agarose gels and 10 polyacrylamide gels, 120 samples were easily analysed in a day. Since alpha-protease inhibitors show extensive polymorphism and as the gene for postalbumin-2 is closely linked to the halothane sensitivity locus Hal, this method is a useful tool for conducting parentage control and for predicting Hal genotypes of individual pigs.[1]


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