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Mechanism and isotypes involved in passive immunoglobulin transfer to the newborn alpaca (Lama pacos).

Crias, newborn alpacas (Lama pacos), that were almost agammaglobulinemic at birth had a 70% increase in total serum proteins within 24 hours largely because of absorption of gamma globulins from colostrum. Immunoglobulin G was the isotype in highest concentration in colostrum and in serum from 24-hour-old crias. The serum IgG concentration of 10 crias increased linearly (r = 0.97) from a mean of 0.3 mg/ml (+/- 0.1 SD) for serum collected before crias suckled to a maximal mean of 30.1 mg/ml (+/- 8.1 SD) at 24 hours. The 24-hour concentration decreased by half in 10 days. Immunoglobulin M also was absorbed from colostrum and increased linearly (r = 0.99) from a mean of 0.5 mg/ml (+/- 0.1 SD) for serum collected before crias suckled to a maximal mean of 4.2 mg/ml (+/- 2.2 SD) 24 hours after birth. The 24-hour serum concentration of IgM decreased by half in 7 days. Therefore, on a weight basis, 7 times more IgG than IgM was transferred to crias; IgG accounted for greater than 85% of the passively transferred proteins in serum of 24-hour-old crias. Absorption of functional antibodies of IgG and IgM isotypes from colostrum of immunized dams by crias also was demonstrated. Immunoglobulin G and IgM antibody titers to chicken RBC increased linearly to maximal geometric mean titers of 1,139 and 843, respectively, 24 hours after birth. The 24-hour IgG and IgM antibody titers decreased by half in 6 and 3.8 days, respectively. Purified alpaca IgG had a molecular mass of 166 kilodaltons, a predominant gamma mobility, and an extinction coefficient of 14.1.(ABSTRACT TRUNCATED AT 250 WORDS)[1]


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