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Use of WIN 51711 to prevent echovirus type 9-induced paralysis in suckling mice.

The systemic efficacy of the antipicornavirus agent WIN 51711 was assessed in suckling mice infected with echovirus type 9 (Barty strain). Single, daily intraperitoneal doses of WIN 51711 as low as 10 mg/kg significantly (P less than .01) slowed the rate of onset of echovirus-induced paralysis and reduced the number of paralyzed animals. Intraperitoneal administration beginning 2 hr before infection or 48 hr after infection was equally effective in preventing paralysis. Oral administration of WIN 51711 twice daily beginning 72 hr after infection was the most-effective dosage regimen, with doses as low as 3 mg/kg preventing paralysis in 75% of the animals. Titers of virus in asymptomatic mice on day 6 after infection were reduced by up to 4.75 log pfu in WIN 51711-medicated mice when compared with placebo. Maximal concentrations of WIN 51711 in adult mice after oral medication with a 100 mg/kg dose were 24.3, 21.5, 10.4, 9.8, 6.9, and 4.1 micrograms/g in heart, kidney, brain, liver, serum (micrograms/ml), and muscle, respectively at 0.5-1.0 hr after medication.[1]


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