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Administration, Oral

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Anatomical context of Administration, Oral

  • These results indicate that oral administration of a thymic-dependent antigen (SRBC) to LPS-responsive mice induced a Ts cell population in PP, which, after migration to peripheral lymphoid tissue (e.g., spleen), suppressed responses to systemically administered antigen [26].
  • These results suggest that the oral administration of antigens generates antigen specific TGF-beta1 secreting Th3 cells of presumed mucosal origin that represent a distinct lineage of T cells [27].
  • These results indicated that increases in peripheral blood monocyte motility followed oral administration of levamisole [28].
  • The oral administration of 120,000 IU HMW-UK to human subjects for 7 d stimulated the synthesis of a UK-type protein of 53,000 mol wt, probably the zymogen, from either the liver or vascular endothelium, which was released into the circulation, and converted into active UK by circulating plasmin [29].
  • The CFA is destroyed by acid gastric contents but it induced significant antibody titer rises in 8 of 11 (73%) volunteers with preexisting serum anti-CFA IgG levels after oral administration of 1 mg of CFA/I with sodium bicarbonate [30].

Associations of Administration, Oral with chemical compounds

  • In Patient 1, at an ad libitum dietary sodium intake of about 300 mmol per day, oral administration of glutamine led to reproducible and marked anticystinuria and antiornithinuria, whereas the excretion of lysine and arginine was not significantly affected [31].
  • Thus, oral administration of levodopa to patients with severe heart failure produced a sustained improvement in cardiac function [32].
  • We conclude that oral administration of activated charcoal enhances the nonrenal clearance of phenobarbital [33].
  • Alterations of similar magnitude in the apparent plasma clearance of quinidine after oral administration (control 20.0 to 32.0 liters per hour; with anticonvulsant 44.0 to 94.0 liters per hour) suggest that this effect is probably due to an increase in the rate of metabolism of quinidine, although decreased absorption cannot be entirely ruled out [34].
  • Thromboxane B2 formation in serum ex vivo after oral administration of 20 mg of unlabeled aspirin was reduced 39 per cent before aspirin was detected in the systemic circulation [35].

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