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A new skeletal dysplasia: clinical, radiologic, and pathologic findings.

Two siblings, one male and one female, were noted to have a distinct skeletal dysplasia. The clinical and radiographic features resemble those observed in Kniest dysplasia and Rolland-Desbuquois syndrome, but important differences were noted. Specifically, these two patients have microstomia, "pursed" lips, and ectopia lentis, and their radiographs reveal no coronal clefts. Chondro-osseous features also differ from those observed in either of the other disorders. Scattered dense patches consisting of collagen fibers 10 to 30 times broader than normal are seen scattered throughout the cartilage matrix; the "Swiss cheese" appearance characteristic of Kniest dysplasia is not observed. These patients appear to have a new skeletal dysplasia, most likely inherited in an autosomal recessive fashion.[1]


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