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Deletions in the C-terminal coding region of the v-sis gene: dimerization is required for transformation.

The v-sis gene encodes chain B of platelet-derived growth factor. However, this gene codes for additional amino acids at both the N terminus and the C terminus of its gene product which are not present in the amino acid sequence of platelet-derived growth factor. We constructed a series of deletion mutants with deletions in the v-sis gene in order to define the C-terminal limit of the v-sis gene product which is required for transformation. Deletion mutants of the v-sis gene which encoded truncated gene products up to 57 residues shorter than the v-siswt gene product were still able to transform cells. The minimal transforming region of the v-sis gene product contained six residues fewer than were present in chain B of platelet-derived growth factor. Only 10 residues, including the sequence Cys-Lys-Cys, separated the smallest transforming gene product from the largest nontransforming gene product. These cysteine residues were also important for dimerization of the v-sis gene product, since all of the nontransforming v-sis deletions were unable to form dimers when they were analyzed under nonreducing conditions. Our results suggest that there is a strong connection between transformation and dimerization.[1]


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