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Treatment of scleroma with ceforanide.

Three patients with rhinoscleroma who presented with nasal and pharyngeal symptoms are described. Treatment with ceforanide, a new second-generation cephalosporin with high intrinsic activity against Klebsiella, and possessing a long half-life, was used as outpatient treatment. A total of 120 g of ceforanide was administered over a period of two months. All three patients showed signs of clinical improvement, but only two of three became bacteriologically sterile at the end of two months; one patient relapsed bacteriologically but not clinically, once the drug was discontinued. Second- and third-generation cephalosporins appear to have excellent activity against the causative pathogens of rhinoscleroma. Because of the impracticality of administering these agents parenterally over prolonged periods of time, there is a need for the development of an oral cephalosporin with similar intrinsic activity and beta-lactamase stability. Perhaps the novel beta-lactam antibiotics such as the penems and monobactams, some of which can be administered orally, will answer that need.[1]


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