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Combined effect of cyclophosphamide and extracts of Crotalaria and Senecio plants on experimental tumours.

The combined effect of cyclophosphamide ( CTX) and extracts of six patients belonging to Crotalaria and Senecio genera was assessed on experimental transplantable S180 (both ascitic and solid forms) tumour. Successive petroleum ether and methanolic extracts from these plants were obtained. The combined administration of CTX and petroleum ether extract of C. albida and the methanolic extracts of C. albida, S. chrysanthemoides, S. densiflorus and S. jacquemontianus led to prolonging the life span of S180 (ascitic) tumour bearing mice. The data indicate that the most effective extract in combination with CTX was the methanolic extract of S. chrysanthemoides. The extracts alone had no effect on survival of tumour-bearing mice. The same extracts and the same combinations had no effect on S180 solid tumour.[1]


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