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Phase IV study of the injection Norigest in Pakistan.

A field study of the injectable contraceptive, norethisterone enanthate (NET-EN), was conducted in family planning clinics in Sind and Punjab provinces of Pakistan, to determine the acceptability and feasibility of providing NET-EN in government family planning clinics staffed by Family Welfare Visitors (FWVs). A total of 2147 women were recruited to the study, of whom approximately three-fourths had never previously used contraception. The overall discontinuation rate at one year was 78 per 100 women; the most common reason for discontinuation was bleeding disturbances, including amenorrhea, although returning to the clinic too late for an injection also accounted for a substantial proportion of the discontinuations. Given adequate training, FWVs were shown to be capable of providing NET-EN in family planning clinics, including managing the bleeding disturbances common with this method of contraception. No pregnancies were reported, demonstrating that the method is highly effective when used in a usual family planning clinic situation.[1]


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