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Disease relevance of Pregnancy


Psychiatry related information on Pregnancy


High impact information on Pregnancy

  • Thus, to initiate labor, it might be essential to generate sufficient PGF(2 alpha) to overcome the luteotrophic action of OT in late gestation [11].
  • The cessation of secretory function by the corpus luteum of pregnancy at the end of gestation is apparently actively induced [12].
  • We found that these cyclin D1(-/-)D2(-/-)D3(-/-) mice develop until mid/late gestation and die due to heart abnormalities combined with a severe anemia [13].
  • Rtel(-/-) mice died between days 10 and 11.5 of gestation with defects in the nervous system, heart, vasculature, and extraembryonic tissues [14].
  • Maternal and fetal outcomes of subsequent pregnancies in women with peripartum cardiomyopathy [15].

Chemical compound and disease context of Pregnancy


Biological context of Pregnancy


Anatomical context of Pregnancy

  • In pregnancies greater than 40 weeks, a further increase in total amniotic-fluid cortisol was observed, and values greater than 120 ng per milliliter were found only in patients of this group [26].
  • The increases in fetal serum concentrations of thyroid-stimulating hormone, thyroxine-binding globulin, and total and free T4 and T3 during gestation reflect increasing maturation of the pituitary, thyroid, and liver [27].
  • High levels of myogenin transcripts are present in the myotomal region of somites at 8.5 days of gestation in the mouse [28].
  • Embryos up to day 8 of gestation and embryonal carcinoma (EC) cells express only a single lamin species closely resembling, if not identical to, lamin B. Lamins A and/or C were detected in fertilized eggs, but disappear during the first 2-4 cleavage divisions, only reappearing in 8 day post-implantation embryos [29].
  • In the present study, continuous infusion of androstenedione to 0.8 gestation monkeys resulted in the premature occurrence of labor-type myometrial activity and increases in maternal plasma estrogen, oxytocin and amnion fibronectin concentrations similar to those measured at normal-term labor [30].

Associations of Pregnancy with chemical compounds

  • We observed another toxic effect of D- mannose during culture of rat embryos from the early head-fold stage to the 26-to-29-somite stage (Days 9-1/2 through 11-1 of gestation) [31].
  • Treatment with exogenous estrogen was mandatory up to the 11th week of gestation, and treatment with progesterone until the 18th to 22nd weeks [32].
  • These preliminary observations suggest that cocaine influences the outcome of pregnancy as well as the neurologic behavior of the newborn, but a full assessment will require a larger number of pregnancies and longer follow-up [33].
  • METHODS: We administered 600 mg of mifepristone and then 400 microg of misoprostol two days later to 2121 women seeking termination of their pregnancies at 17 centers [34].
  • BACKGROUND: Mifepristone and a prostaglandin have been used successfully to terminate pregnancy in Europe and China. We report the results of a large U.S. study of mifepristone and misoprostol in women with pregnancies of up to nine weeks' duration [34].

Gene context of Pregnancy

  • H19 biallelic expression is confined to the placenta until 10 weeks of gestation, after which it becomes exclusively maternal, and does not affect allele-specificity or levels of IGF2 expression [35].
  • We studied 57 pregnancies of 41 women with rheumatoid arthritis, 18 prospectively and 39 retrospectively [36].
  • Normally, Myf-5 expression becomes markedly reduced at day 12 of gestation when MyoD mRNA first appears [37].
  • Analysis of mice homozygous for the mutant allele indicate that Brca1 is critical for normal development, as these mice died in utero between 10 and 13 days of gestation (E10-E13) [38].
  • The defect is nuclear-encoded and embryos that inherit a deletion of the Tme locus from their mother die at day 15 of gestation [39].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Pregnancy


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