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Complete amino acid sequence of copper-zinc superoxide dismutase from Drosophila melanogaster.

The complete amino acid sequence of the Drosophila melanogaster Cu,Zn superoxide dismutase subunit has been determined by automated Edman degradation. Sequence analyses were performed on the intact S-carboxymethylated protein, two fragments derived from CNBr cleavage, and three peptides recovered from mouse submaxillary protease digestion of the reduced and S-carboxymethylated enzyme. The peptides were aligned by characterizing peptides yielded by trypsin and Staphylococcus aureus V8 protease. All the peptides studied were purified exclusively by reverse-phase columns of HPLC and were analyzed with an improved liquid-phase sequencer. A molecular weight of 15,750 (subunit) was calculated from the 151 residues sequenced. The amino acid sequence of the Drosophila superoxide dismutase subunit is compared with that of four other eucaryotes: man, horse, cow, and yeast. Comparison of the five primary structures reveals very different rates of evolution at different times. Copper-zinc superoxide dismutase appears to be a very erratic evolutionary clock. Val-Val-Lys-Ala- Val-Cys-Val-Ile-Asn-Gly-Asp-Ala-Lys-Gly-Thr-Val-Phe-Phe-Glu-Gln- Glu-Ser-Ser-Gly-Thr-Pro-Val-Lys-Val-Ser-Gly-Glu-Val-Cys-Gly-Leu- Ala-Lys-Gly-Leu-His-Gly-Phe-His-Val-His-Glu-Phe-Gly-Asp-Asn-Thr- Asn-Gly-Cys-Met-Ser-Ser-Gly-Pro-His-Phe-Asn-Pro-Tyr-Gly-Lys-Glu- His-Gly-Ala-Pro-Val-Asp-Glu-Asn-Arg-His-Leu-Gly-Asp-Leu-Gly-Asn- Ile-Glu-Ala-Thr-Gly-Asp-Cys-Pro-Thr-Lys-Val-Asn-Ile-Thr-Asp-Ser- Lys-Ile-Thr-Leu-Phe-Gly-Ala-Asp-Ser-Ile-Ile-Gly-Arg-Thr-Val-Val-Val- His-Ala-Asp-Ala-Asp-Asp-Leu-Gly-Gln-Gly-Gly-His-Glu-Leu-Ser-Lys- Ser-Thr-Gly-Asn-Ala-Gly-Ala-Arg-Ile-Gly-Cys-Gly-Val-Ile-Gly-Ile- Ala-Lys.[1]


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