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Radioimmunoimaging of venous thrombi using iodine-131 monoclonal antibody.

Murine monoclonal antibody (Mab) specific for the NH2-terminal region of human fibrin, but not cross-reactive with fibrinogen, was used in radioimmuno-imaging of fresh, induced venous thrombi in three dogs. Iodine-131-labeled Mab was injected intravenously, with iodine 125-labeled polyclonal murine gamma-G globulin (IgG) simultaneously injected as a control. Images were strongly positive at 24 and 48 hours in all three animals, with thrombus-to-blood and thrombus-to-muscle ratios of 8.4 and 228.0, respectively, for I-131-labeled Mab; these ratios for control IgG were 1.2 and 13. 0. Radioimmunodetection of thrombi in vivo is feasible in dogs and may have clinical application since Mab is specific to human fibrin.[1]


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