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Chemical Compound Review

Iodine-125     iodane

Synonyms: AC1L2XIQ, 125-Iodine, Iodine, isotope of mass 125, Iodine, isotope of mass 125, at.
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Chemical compound and disease context of iodane


Biological context of iodane


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Gene context of iodane

  • Experiments using IL-1 immobilized on Sepharose beads and soluble iodine 125 ((125)I)-labeled fibrinogen demonstrated no specific interaction of IL-1alpha with fibrinogen, but IL-1beta showed saturable and specific binding [32].
  • Binding studies using the 165 amino acid form of VEGF immobilized on Sepharose beads and soluble iodine 125 ((125)I)-labeled fibrinogen demonstrated saturable and specific binding [33].
  • Specificity of binding of mAb M195 was determined by protein-A red blood cell rosetting assays, immunoabsorption, radioimmunoassays with iodine-125 labeled M195 IgG and F(Ab)'2, and complement cytotoxicity with live human cells and cell lines representing a broad range of lineages and tissues [34].
  • In this study, the neuroanatomic distribution of CRF1 and CRF2 receptor binding sites in rhesus monkey (Macaca mulatta) was assessed by using iodine 125 ([125I)-Tyr0]-sauvagine with or without the selective CRF1 receptor antagonist CP-154,526-1 [35].
  • METHOD: Autoradiography with iodine 125-labeled ET-1 and varying concentrations of unlabeled ET-3 was used to localize ET receptor-binding subtypes in the posterior pole of human and rabbit eyes [36].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of iodane

  • Binding of antibody to chromatograms is detected by autoradiography after the application of iodine-125-labeled F(ab')2 of rabbit immunoglobulin G antibodies to mouse immunoglobulins [37].
  • The diagnosis of DVT was established by an uptake test using fibrinogen labeled with iodine 125; in patients undergoing hip replacement, phlebography was also employed to confirm or refute the presence of isotopic thrombi [38].
  • The treatment protocol involved surgery, partial brain external-beam radiotherapy (59.4 Gy in 33 fractions), and stereotactic brachytherapy with temporary high-activity iodine 125 sources giving an additional 50 Gy to the tumor bed [39].
  • A radioimmunoassay has been developed for detecting human schistosomiasis with a highly purified Schistosoma mansoni egg antigen labelled with iodine-125 [40].
  • At day 60, patients with at least stable disease received hyperfractionated (n = 9) or conventional external-beam radiotherapy (n = 2) preceded by local radioactive iodine 125 implantation (n = 2) or radiosurgery (n = 1) [41].


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