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Selenium intake and metabolic balance of 10 men from a low selenium area of China.

Selenium intake and urinary and fecal Se excretion of 10 healthy men from a low Se area in China were determined for three consecutive days, in summer, fall, and winter of 1983, and the spring of 1984 while self-selected diets were being consumed. Mean daily Se intake was 8.8 micrograms/day with a range of 2.3-35.5 micrograms/day, and was far below the recommended range of safe and adequate Se intake of 50-200 micrograms Se/day (National Academy of Sciences/National Research Council). Mean urinary and fecal Se outputs were 3.7 and 3.4 micrograms Se/day, respectively. Mean Se balance during this time was +1.8 micrograms Se/day. Apparent absorption of Se approximated 57%. The low Se intake in this area is a cause for concern since the residents of Molimo may be at risk for Se deficiency diseases.[1]


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