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Deficiency Diseases

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Biological context of Deficiency Diseases

  • Subsequently Xpa and Xpc knockouts have proved to be good models for the human NER deficiency disease, xeroderma pigmentosum, leading to speculation that the recombination, rather than the NER deficit is the key to the Ercc1 knockout phenotype [16].
  • Results showed that chicks were protected from the vitamin E-selenium deficiency disease exudative diathesis (ED) by a high dietary level of vitamin A (1.0 X 10(6) IU/kg) which moderately depressed growth [17].
  • The immunodeficiency, centromeric region instability, facial anomalies (ICF) syndrome, a rare recessive DNA methyltransferase deficiency disease, results in a small decrease in the extent of global genomic methylation [18].
  • However, ageist and sexist assumptions have distorted society's perceptions so that the menopause has come to be viewed as a "deficiency disease," best treated through the routine prescription of estrogen replacement therapy [19].

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