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Leucine aminopeptidase (bovine lens). Effect of pH on the relative binding of Zn2+ and Mg2+ to and on activation of the enzyme.

Incubation of leucine aminopeptidase (bovine lens) (EC with various concentrations of Mg2+ at various pH values in 1 M KCl and 0.155 M trimethylamine-HCl at 37 degrees confirms that Mg2+ competes with Zn2+ for binding only 1 site per 54,000-dalton subunit. The ratio of the apparent association constants (1KZn:1KMg = 1KZn/Mg) at this site (site 1) was estimated to be 20,720 at pH 8.16, 10,570 at pH 8.44, 3,590 at pH 8.78, and 660 AT PH 9.14. The decrease in values of 1KZn/Mg with increasing pH in the activation of leucine aminopeptidase by Mg2+ is attributed to the lowering of the free Zn2+ concentration relative to that of free Mg2+ caused by the formation of ZnOH+ and Zn(OH)2 complexes with increasing OH- concentration. When corrections are made for the binding of Zn2+ by OH- ions, the pH-independent ratio of association constants (1KZn:1KMg = 1KZn/Mg) for the relative binding of Zn2+ and Mg2+ at site 1 of leucine aminopeptidase in 29,800. From the effect of pH on the relative binding constant, a value (beta2) for the product of the two stepwise association constants for the formation of Zn(OH)2 from Zn2+ and OH- (Zn2+ + OH- in equilibrium ZnOH+; ZnOH+ + OH- in equilibrium Zn(OH)2) was estimated to be 4.42 X 10(10) M-2 at 37 degrees. Values of Km at pH 7.5 AND 30 degrees with L-leucine p-nitroanilide as substrate in the presence of 0.01 M NaHCO3 are 4.13 and 2.01 mM for the zinc-zinc and magnesium-zinc enzymes, respectively. Values for Vmax are 0.2 and 2.49 mumol/min/mg, respectively.[1]


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